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  • Photo Exhibition "SOMINSAI (Fundoshi festival)"

Photo Exhibition "SOMINSAI(Fundoshi festival)"

From February 2, 2024 (Fri) , To February 27,2024(Tue)
@community center ZEL
Gay Men Only
Participation is free

Photo Exhibition of SOMINSAI.
SOMINSAI is Japanese traditional festival in IWATE.
There are many semi-naked guys wearing Fundoshi* in SOMINSAI.
*Fundoshi is a Japanese traditional underwear like a loin cloth.

ZEL opening hours during  Photo Exhibition

2(Fri) 18:00-22:00
3(Sat)  18:00-22:00
4( Sun) CLOSED
5(Mon)  18:00-22:00
6(Tue)  18:00-22:00
9(Fri)  18:00-22:00
10(Sat)  18:00-22:00
11( Sun) 15:00-20:00
12( Mon 15:00-20:00
13(Tue)  18:00-22:00
14(Wed) CLOSED
15(Thu) CLOSED
16(Fri)  18:00-22:00
17(Sat)  18:00-22:00
18( Sun 15:00-20:00
19(Mon)  18:00-22:00
20(Tue)  18:00-22:00
21(Wed) CLOSED
22(Thu) CLOSED
23( Fri15:00-20:00
24(Sat)  18:00-22:00
25( Sun 15:00-20:00
26(Mon)  18:00-22:00
27(Tue)  18:00-22:00

community center ZEL

9F Risuzu Building 3-5-5 Kokubuncho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City

5 minute walk from Kotodai-kouen station Exit “Park 2”
Next to “Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi” on Jozenji-dori Avenue.
We are on the top floor of the building with a Matsuya (beef bowl place) on the first floor.
"Community center ZEL" is a place for gay/bisexual men to find information on HIV/AIDS.

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