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  • May.19th "R-35"

"R-35" LGBT life for middle-agers

May. 19th, 2024 (Sun) 10:00-11:30
Venue:in Akita city
Participation is free
All Sexualities welcome!

Work, relationships, family, health issues…
We have issues to deal with that we didn’t have when we were younger.
 Conversation topics include life planning, nursing care, weight issues,  and of course anything you’d like to discuss!
Our target demographic is 35 and older, but we welcome anyone who’d like to interact with us, including anyone in their early 30s or younger people who’d like a glimpse of older LGBT life.


New Terrace Hirokoji
1F Meeting room A

"Community center ZEL" is a place for gay/bisexual men to find information on HIV/AIDS.

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