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  • August 15th "Bon Night"
Please understand that due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we may delay/cancel events.

Bon Night

Aug.15, 2022 (Mon) 19:00-22:00
@community center ZEL
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we kindly ask that you wear a mask in the venue.

Community center ZEL Summer Festival!
Let’s play "Shooting-Condom Game" and "TENGA-scooping Game".
Enjoy Japanese style summer festival in "Bon Night".
※please refrain from visiting the venue,If you have a feaver, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, severe fatigue, coughing, or sore throat.

community center ZEL

9F Risuzu Building 3-5-5 Kokubuncho, Aoba Ward, Sendai City

5 minute walk from Kotodai-kouen station Exit “Park 2”
Next to “Tokyo Electron Hall Miyagi” on Jozenji-dori Avenue.
We are on the top floor of the building with a Matsuya (beef bowl place) on the first floor.
"Community center ZEL" is a place for gay/bisexual men to find information on HIV/AIDS.

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